Ad Lucem Hospital, in the village of Otélé


Otélé is a village situated about fifty kilometres southwest of Yaoundé, the political capital of Cameroon.

The Benedictines settled in the village in 1936 and created an infirmary which was managed by the Catholic sisters for many years.

When the nuns left in 2008, the Saint Martin Foundation and the Ad Lucem Medical Foundation agreed on a partnership for the construction of a modern hospital named “Hôpital Ad Lucem Hikoa-Maen: Père Urs Memorial Clinic” which was inaugurated and put into service in January 2016.

Medical equipment

The hospital receives just over 100 patients per month and its main aim is to provide quality health care to the rural and poor population.

There are emergency services, surgery, paediatrics, radiology, hospitalisation, medical analysis, as well as a maternity ward and a pharmacy.

Health care team

The team includes one doctor, five nurses, one laboratory technician, four administrative staff, two nursing assistants and three support staff.


Otélé village is located in the equatorial zone with four seasons distributed as follows:

  • a long rainy season (August to November),
  • a dry season (November to February),
  • a short rainy season (March to May),
  • a short dry season (June to August).
Water supply and consumption

The hospital benefits from a water supply through the water tower of the Saint Martin Fondation, supplied by the borehole.

Power supply and consumption

The hospital is connected to the national electricity grid, but due to frequent load shedding periods, it regularly uses a generator.