Ad Lucem Hospital, in the city of Edea


Edéa was created as a district in 1916.

Edéa is home to Cameroon’s first hydroelectric dam, built between 1949 and 1953, and one of Cameroon’s oldest companies, Alucam, an aluminum factory located on an island formed by an arm of the Sanaga River, and allows the production of electricity thanks to a hydroelectric dam. There is also a mechanical industry and a bauxite mine.

Edéa is home to one of the vestiges of the German protectorate in Cameroon (1886 – 1916). A large metal bridge in the shape of an arc over the Sanaga River, built in 1911 by the Germans to serve as the only road and rail connection between North and South Cameroon. The bridge was manufactured in Germany in parts, then transported by boat and reassembled on site.


Edéa is located on the national road which connects Yaoundé, Douala and Kribi. It is located 60 km from Douala, 186 km from Yaoundé and 100 km from the Atlantic Ocean towards the town of Kribi. It is crossed by Cameroon’s longest river: the Sanaga, and has a population of approximately 230,000 residents.

Hospitals in Edéa

Edéa has three medium-sized health structures: regional hospital, Ad Lucem hospital, district hospital, private clinics and other small surrounding health centers.

Ad Lucem Hospital

Ad Lucem Hospital was created in 2013. It welcomes road accident victims, as well as ordinary patients and women in the process of giving birth. Many patients use this hospital every week to resolve their health problems.

The maternity department is one of the busiest. Beyond helping mothers give birth to their children, the hospital also offers childcare courses to mothers for the proper care of their babies. The integrated pharmacy is an asset. Patients can carry out their consultations, examinations and obtain medication within the hospital itself.

The hospital receives a little more than 300 patients per month and operates 24/7.

Hospital service offer

General medicine, general surgery, paediatrics, hospitalisations, biomedical analysis laboratory, pharmacy, medical imaging, maternity (CPN, SMI, PEV, deliveries), occupational medicine, gynaecology, ophthalmology.