1- Power system
2- Storage at -70°C
3- Storage at -30°C
4- Storage at +5°C
5- Thermal energy storages
6- Machinery room
7- Emergency lithium batteries

Solar Cooling Container

The cooling containers will be equipped with the latest refrigeration technology to meet the needs of a hospital in a sustainable way. A three-stage refrigeration cascade with natural refrigerants (propane, CO2 and ethane) reliably ensures the three temperature levels. The most spacious room inside the container is cooled down to +5°C. To minimize heat losses, the thermal energy storage is situated in the 5°C room. Lockable shelves on the wall allow the storage of medicines and food products. The freezer chamber at –30°C is accessible only through the refrigerated room. Besides the storage possibility, there are two deep freezer boxes which are able to cool down to –70°C. Everything is powered by the PV-panels installed on the roof of the containers.