The  SophiA Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) is primarily intended to provide a platform for the exchange of relevant project content within a group of experts. The group is composed of similar project’s coordinators, members of relevant organisations, companies or academia. Its main tasks include not only the identification and promotion of successful case studies, technical and economical best practices, but also the search for synergies between dissemination and communication activities. Opportunities to achieve a faster market uptake will also be discussed.

The partners will participate in commission and working groups to share the results with public authorities at the local, national and European level. They will also contribute to joint information and dissemination activities to exploit synergies and increase the overall visibility of H2020 supported actions. All discussion meetings and events will be reported on the SophiA website.

If you are interested to join the SophiA KEN, please contact:

Sophie Vonstralendorff
Steinbeis Europa Zentrum (KEN Task leader)